My art arises from my interpretation of themes surrounding nature, the human figure, and still life. My abstract figurative painting style has been described as a modern and imaginative interpretation of classical work.  I attempt to create a balanced and harmonious symphony through a thoughtful blending of color fields, geometric and ornamental forms, spiritual symbols, scenes found in nature, and representations of the human figure. 
My art is not merely an illustration of ideas but also a statement of my thoughts and interpretations of the world. I intend for my art to challenge the viewer to explore the ideas represented in the physical work, both literal and abstract. The combination of my representations is both enticing and playful, grounded in symbolism. My artistic influences are Picasso, Matisse, Richard Diebenkorn, Agnes Martin, Kenneth Noland, Hilma af Klint, Emma Kunz and Wassily Kandinsky, to name a few. 


PKF Figurative Scene Painting 2018 + Nicola Bathie Designs

For me, creating a piece of artwork is a delicate balance of intention and impulsion. I only hope that my work will become a treasured part of each person’s collection and serve as a symbol of their own individual expression and style.
— Paige Kalena Follmann