I love working directly with clients to create something special! Commissions account for the majority of my work and it’s a pleasure to work directly with art collectors and designers so I can meet their creative vision and produce a work that fits their space perfectly. The process is easier than you may think! Please send an email to the address below to get a conversation started, and see the general commission guidelines below:


For custom work, I will need the size of painting, colors, a 50% deposit (Venmo, PayPal, credit card), and example images of work from my website to use as a starting point. I allow for 2 sets of changes to custom work in order to make sure you are fully satisfied with your custom piece. Current timeline completion is 8-10 weeks. Pricing and timing depends on the medium (oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, etc) and composition. Paintings are shipped to you directly via FedEx or UPS and a quote will be provided.

General guidelines:

size 12x16 to 24x24 - $400 - $1200

size 24x30 to 36x36 - $1800 - $2500

size 36x36 to 48x60 - $2500 - $4200

size 48x60 to 60x60 - $4200 - $6000

size 60x60 to 60x72 - $6000 - $7500